MSSM is a reservation-based restaurant.

Recommended Etiquette for Omakase


Omakase means Trust the chef
Avoid making special requests or substitutions unless you have dietary restrictions or allergies.

Be punctual
Arrive on time for your reservation.

Eat sushi with your hands
In most cases, sushi should be eaten with your hands. Use the chopsticks provided to eat other dishes like sashimi or cooked courses.

The chef has carefully seasoned the sushi, so you don’t need to use a lot of soy sauce.

Please feel free to let chef know your preferred wasabi level in the sushi.

Diners will be given a yubifuki, a traditional finger-cloth (made of sarashi-fine Japanese bleached cotton) for cleaning your fingers while eating. Do not use the yubifuki like a wipe, just gently touch it with your fingers when appropriate.

Please enjoy your sushi within 10 seconds once it is served. We put a lot of passion and care in making perfect Shari (sushi rice). The sushi rice should be served at body temperature. So please enjoy quickly when it’s served.

Eat in order
The chef will present the dishes in a specific order, usually from light to heavy flavors.

Feel free to interact with the chef. It is perfectly fine to ask questions or carry a casual conversation with the chef in front of you during an Omakase meal. At MSSM, we strive to create an atmosphere of togetherness.

If you enjoy the Omakase meal, please express your appreciation to the chef at the end of the dining service for their skill and effort.