MSSM Masaki Saito



“When I came to Toronto five years ago, I really wanted to bring the traditional edomae sushi culture with me. Given the high price point at Sushi Masaki Saito and the limited amount of seating, many individuals don’t get the opportunity to experience a traditional edomae offering. Although it has been rewarding to share my passion and knowledge with select customers, this style of execution has not allowed me to broadly educate the general public; which is why I created MSSM. To open the price point to a more accessible audience and share the experience and knowledge associated with edomae style sushi.”

Another main reason behind the birth of MSSM is due to my love of teaching. I want to lead more students in Toronto on their culinary journey, hopefully leading the way for future Michelin star chefs like me.

Chef Masaki Saito
Official Appointed Japanese Cuisine Cultural Ambassador